11 Different Benefits of YouTube Videos


YouTube is a premium marketing channel that too many brands do not fully explore or maximize. From traffic and visibility to its reach, YouTube is just as powerful, if not more, than Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and similar channels. When it comes to video, YouTube still rules above them all.

Here are the benefits of YouTube and why we think it’s worth it for any online brand to take the time to launch a video marketing campaign with it.

Benefit #1: It’s Free to Register, Use, and Upload

A website costs money. Social media PPC costs money. Ads cost money. But YouTube is free. Open an account for free. Make as many videos as you like.

You can build an audience of thousands at no investment cost other than time and effort. For a brand just starting and looking to get attention, YouTube is the perfect way to go about it.

Benefit #2: YouTube Is a Powerful Branding Tool

The visual design of YouTube makes it a fundamental branding tool. A lot of new companies use it to assert awareness in the marketplace. With YouTube, you can brand with graphics, colour, font, tone, language, and more. You can also customize each video’s visuals with a YouTube thumbnail maker.

Arguably, you can say more with a single YouTube video than you might be able to with a social media post or a blog. It’s a powerful communication resource.

Benefit #3: Multiple Ways to Make Money on YouTube

If you can build an audience, YouTube offers many ways to make money. You can use a Google AdSense account to do it most easily. There are affiliate links, brand sponsorships, merchandise selling, and more.

The name of the game with YouTube is getting views and subscribers and then using the audience you’ve built as a base to create revenue and build more beyond it.

Benefit #4: You Do Not Need a YouTube Account to View

Unlike TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and just about every social media platform, YouTube does not limit access to its content based on whether a viewer has an account. This makes it easy to launch a video marketing campaign through YouTube with no restrictions on reach.

Benefit #5: YouTube Has a Reach of Over 2.5 Billion Monthly Users

YouTube’s monthly user base is around 2.5 billion, making it Earth’s second-largest active social platform. Every demographic is represented on YouTube, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, income, or location.

Everyone is on YouTube. If you’re trying to reach a specific target audience, you can rest assured you will find them on YouTube.

Benefit #6: You Can Make All Types of Videos on YouTube

YouTube isn’t just a platform for one kind of video. There are all types you can make. No limits exist. Short videos of a few minutes are just as welcome as videos of an hour, two hours, or longer. Make it yours!

On YouTube, you will find how-to explainers, sales and commercials, presentations, funny videos, product reviews, interviews and Q&As, product and service testimonials, live videos, and behind-the-scenes work.

Benefit #7: YouTube Videos Are Easy to Embed Everywhere

The size of a video file is far larger than any blog or image. YouTube makes it easy to host a library of videos and embed them on social media, email marketing, and a brand’s website.

As a host, YouTube is an amazing resource, providing all sorts of analytics automatically generated upon every view.

Benefit #8: YouTube Helps Your Other Digital Marketing Channels

YouTube has been shown to boost social media numbers, website traffic, SEO, and sales and revenues. Particularly online, having an active YouTube channel and sharing your content will support other marketing efforts you’re making.

In this way, video has the potential to elevate yourself above the competition, build backlinks, and do several things naturally simply through exposure.

Benefit #9: Video Has the Highest Conversion Rate of Any Content

More than a blog or image, video consistently outperforms them and has the highest conversion rate of any type of content. A video on YouTube can evoke more emotion and offer more value to someone consuming it, expanding upon a topic that a blog or infographic cannot.

Some brands have increased content conversion rates by up to 80% after incorporating YouTube videos into their digital marketing plan.

Benefit #10: YouTube Has High Visibility and Increases Exposure

High-quality videos on YouTube can aid you in gaining exposure in a way that written content and images cannot. You can embed your videos in your content, and other brands can embed your video, too.

It works the same way as search engine optimization, complete with many of the same techniques, i.e. keyword optimization, metadata, and links. After all, YouTube is essentially a search engine, so treat it the same way.

Benefit #11: YouTube Benefits High-Quality Content

Anyone can write a blog, but not just anyone can make a great-quality YouTube video. If your video has a better overall presentation than your competition, you get the views and not them. YouTube is the great equalizer in this respect.

The best content wins, and it doesn’t matter who published it. You can easily soar past other brands by publishing more unique, one-of-a-kind content.

Dean is a self-professed tech geek with a fondness for computers, video games, and any novelty tech-savvy gadgets.