5 Efficiencies of Using Mobile Forms


In every sphere of life, we are moving away from traditional methods of data collection and are adopting new technology to help make our lives simpler and more efficient. One big change seen with big companies is the move from paper forms to going completely paperless with mobile forms.

To start with, the change does come with a lot of learning and requires a lot of change in the way business was done at work. You need to learn, understand and deploy new technology. You also need to make away with the usual method of data input and storage. This may also result in hiring people with newer skills and replacing the ones who are used to doing things old school.

But with all these hurdles also come the huge lists of benefits with mobile forms. Below are some reasons why your business needs to think about mobile forms seriously.

1. Think about the environment

Let us come clean about something, a majority of businesses are not really doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprints. A simple way of making sure your style of conducting business is not a burden on the environment is by simply switching from paper forms to mobile forms. Think about all the avenues where a business uses paper forms and think about how much paper can be saved by opting for mobile forms. All those schedule sheets, login and logout times, feedback forms, surveys and so many more places where a business can save a lot of paper if they only adopted paperless mobile forms.

2. Easy to implement

The biggest fear companies and businesses have about adopting mobile forms is the learning involved and the changes that need to be made. While their fears are fair, there is also some good news in store. Companies have started going paperless years ago, so now the entire implementation process of going paperless has been hammered out to ensure seamless transition from paper to mobile forms.

The software required for capturing information, the training required to ensure smooth functioning and the skills required to efficiently use mobile forms have all been in place for long enough to not be able to ensure trouble-free transition.

3. Flexible

Imagine you are a big corporation that takes annual surveys in the company to measure how satisfied your employees are. If you are a big corporation, you will also have a big workforce, which means printing a lot of forms to collect the data.

If after printing these forms, there was an error spotted or an important question missing from the form. All the paper would be wasted and the entire exercise will be carried out all over again. In case of mobile forms, you only need to change one form and it will result in no wastage either. Mobile forms offer you the chance to make changes in case you spot mistakes or want to implement the learnings from previous form filling exercise.

4. Faster results

Since mobile forms are all capable of collecting data and putting them in reports, you have all the collected information almost instantly available to you. If you are conducting market research, you don’t have to wait till the data has been manually inputted and analyzed before any kind of action can be taken.

5. Cheaper

Mobile forms are created once and do not need to be printed. You will end up saving costs on not just the printing of forms, but also on distributing and collecting them. With automation, you won’t be wasting working hours of employees in manually entering the data either.

Mobile forms are gaining popularity because of the number of benefits that come with them. If your business still relies on paper forms, now is the time to consider mobile forms. The benefits will surely outnumber your concerns.

Dean is a self-professed tech geek with a fondness for computers, video games, and any novelty tech-savvy gadgets.