5 Most Useful Cool Technology in Cars


We have come a long way in transportation. Gone are the days of the horse and buggy, and in this modern era, getting from A to B is only part of the driving experience. We want more from our cars, and innovators have stepped up to the plate to give us many amazing options to enhance our rides.

Are you looking for cool technology for your car? There is plenty of gadgetry you can install to upgrade our vehicle. Here are five cool technology in cars:

Technology #1: Night Vision

This tech used to only be available on military vehicles, but now it is in regular production cars. Having night vision allows you to detect objects like pedestrians and animals beyond the range of your headlights, using a combination of gadgets including radar, infrared cameras, GPS and other sensing equipment.

You will have a display on your navigation screen, a windshield display or within the instrument cluster. This tech is mainly available on high-end luxury vehicles, but there are third-party dealers where you can get this system installed on most cars.

Technology #2: Automotive LED Lights

How about enhanced safety and fun? You can easily upgrade your standard halogen lights for LED lights on your car’s exterior and interior lighting. LED has a much longer life, around 15,000 hours. They are also much brighter, so you can see what’s in front of you with your LED headlights, and people can see you better with the running lights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signal lights. They also are more energy-efficient and put less strain on your car’s power supply. These are the superior light solution for your vehicle.

Automotive LED lights can be fun, too, when you add them for the wow factor. You can install under-car lighting with various colours, so your ride looks high-tech while going down the road. Inside, under-dash LEDs are easy to install to give you that under glow and illuminate the car with style. If you want to upgrade your ride, go for LED.

This is just a taste of what is out there and what is to come. The demand for fun and functional tech on our vehicles is only increasing, so enhance your car and join the cool tech craze.

Technology #3: Auto Coffee Maker

Do you like to have a cup of coffee while driving? It can help keep you alert during long trips and saves you time on the way to work by drinking your morning joe en route. What if you could make a fresh coo of coffee while driving?

There is a gadget for that and several on the market. Some are designed specifically to fit in your cup holder and plug into your car’s cigarette lighter to boil your water. Most fit a standard coffee pod and fresh grounds and will produce your favourite espresso in minutes.

They are so portable, and you can fit them in the glove compartment when not in use, and some models can double as an on-demand heated thermos for everything from hot drinks to soups.

Technology #4: Connected Mobile Apps

Smartphones are literal extensions to our hands and part of how we function in day-to-day life. It just makes sense that car companies would incorporate your cell phone with the vehicle’s features.

Most car makers have an app for their cars now, and some incorporate great tech features like:

  • Remote entry
  • Fuel levels
  • Remote start
  • Tire pressure
  • EV range
  • Nearest gas station and charging station
  • Scheduled maintenance

All of this is accessed through an app, so you have this tech in the palm of your hand.

Technology #5: Young Driver Assist

Many tech features are available in a vehicle makes and models for parents who want their teens to be safe while they learn to drive.

Ford has a MyKey system that allows parents to configure specific settings in the key fob that can be programmed for young drivers. These include:

  • Top speed limit
  • Volume audio control limit
  • 911 assist activation
  • Smartphones do not disturb
  • Low fuel warning
  • Stereo disabled until seatbelts are on

GM also has a teen driver’s suite that has:

  • Stereo disabled until seatbelts are on
  • Volume audio control limit
  • Notification for excess speed
  • Notification if car’s safety systems have been used, like forwarding collision alert or ABS
  • Filtering explicit satellite radio content

Hyundai has its Bluelink system to set up preferences for young driving like speed alert, curfew alert and car finder, as well as a health report of the vehicle for maintenance.

Volkswagen and Kia have several alerts for speeding, what time a day and where the car is driven, along with geographical limits and designated curfews. Toyota, Lexus and Mercedes have their young driver features for safety and security.

Dean is a self-professed tech geek with a fondness for computers, video games, and any novelty tech-savvy gadgets.