5 Positive Attributes of Corner Guards


People take a lot of effort and care, and invest a lot of money to make sure that their homes and offices are well-protected. Some of the ways of ensuring this involves a lot of investment in terms of money, and a lot of investment in terms of time as well.

In some other cases though, the decision is very simple to make just because of how effective the solution is, and the money and time required to get the safety measure in place is negligible compared to the benefits they offer.

One such easy to choose option is the installation of corner guards. Corner guards come in all shapes and sizes, with different costs depending on a few factors. But the thing common in all corner guards is the benefit they offer. Some of those benefits have been discussed below.

1. Protection

The number one reason why people install corner guards is to protect their investments, be it in terms of a house or a business building like a restaurant. When it comes to a home, these can offer a great solution to protecting the walls.

Be it in a highly accident-prone area like the kitchen, or the rooms of your little ones, installing corner guards is one of the most popular ways to making sure the walls in these areas are safe from accidents. And same is the case with business buildings. Many businesses install corner guards to protect the walls from damage due to the movement of heavy raw materials, machinery or finished goods.

2. Visual appeal

Corner guards can be easily customized by simply colouring them. Most people exercise this option to make sure that the colour of the corner guard matches the colour of the walls.

Lately, many people have opted to use corner guards that do not blend with the wall colours. In fact, many property owners have started using corner guards as a means to adding more design to their walls, and the property in general. In many cases, people have installed corner guards in a way to make interesting patterns out of them.

3. Easy maintenance

Especially when it comes to corner guards made out of stainless steel, the amount of time spend in maintaining them is very little. With stainless steel, in most cases, all you really need to do is give it a good wipe down with a moist cloth.

Also, because stainless steel does not rust or gets infested by bugs, you do not really have to worry about their condition on a very frequent basis.

4. Reinforcement

Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials on the planet. Many people have realized the usage of stainless steel corner guards as a way of reinforcing the weak points of any structure. This normally includes areas around window and doors which are more prone to accidental damages too.

5. Wallpaper protection

If you have ever installed wallpaper, or lived in a home that had wallpaper, you know that eventually they start peeling off of the walls. And more often than not, the peeling usually begins from one of the corners of the walls.

By installing stainless steel corner guards at strategic locations, you can give that added binding power to the wallpaper to make sure they do not peel off easily. If you can see the wallpaper already peeling off of the walls, you can go ahead and install some corner guards to hide them and prevent the peeling off to spread more on the wall.

From applications in the business environment to becoming a part of the interior design of your home, corner guards have been widely used all thanks to the benefits they offer.

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