6 Cool Electronic Things to Buy at the Mall


It’s always fun to go to the mall for a carefree shopping day. It’s even better when you know what you want. In this digital world, you can get an electronic upgrade for almost everything, and it is a great way to enhance your life.

Every new season comes more tech that you can find at the mall. The popular malls like Newmarket Shopping Plaza are equipped with the latest gadgets and devices for tech lovers. You can appreciate all the digital innovation during your next shopping trip.

Are you looking for the latest tech to use? Here are six cool electronic things to buy at the mall.

1. Digital Clock Charging Station

What is the most important thing we need in our bed? A way to charge our phones. Most of us have been running a charging cable to plug in our phones at night, but who has time? How about a wireless charger that doubles as a clock?

It’s so easy to just lay your phone on a charging pad without plugging it in. Having a digital clock by your bed is perfect because all you need is to roll over to see how much sleep you still have in the middle of the night. It is the perfect digital combo for the bedroom and one you will use every night.

2. Drones

Drones are fun to use and come in handy for several applications. Realtors can use them to get great aerial footage of properties, adventurists want to explore hard-to-reach locations, and techno people just feel the need to have some remote-flying fun.

You can use them to shoot your footage for music videos or indie movies, capture live events, and even deliver small items. If you don’t have a drone yet, you’re missing out on some real tech adventure.

3. Mobile Printer

If you think having photos printed is passé, think again. Being able to capture and print a photo on-demand in the palm of your hand is cool and something that the latest tech provides.

These mobile printers have become portable and allow you to print photo and video stills right from your smartphone in only a few seconds, and you don’t even have to plug it in. It’s all connected wirelessly, and your fully charged printer can handle around 100 printed images. These gadgets have tonnes of features to play around with your shots too.

4. Smart Telescope

You can get this in an electronics shop in the mall, and it’s cool. Think of a telescope without the completely automated eyepiece from your smartphone or tablet.

This is the modern way to stargaze, and it uses an app to navigate to cosmic points of interest as you view it from your device. You can set up the telescope outside and view it from your bed. The apps come preloaded with stellar observations, and you can enjoy those and search for your own extraterrestrial life. It works with GPS and precise motors to make viewing the electronic wonders possible, and it’s the latest tech you want to get.

5. Not So Retro Turn Tables

These aren’t those clunky boxed turntables your granddad used to listen to. The latest digital version gives you the nostalgic feel and authentic sound coming from classic vinyl with a modern, electron twist.

Some of the units come with that old-school look but are USB powered, so you can plug them into your computer. Newer ones even connect via blue tooth and send audio signals to wireless speakers and headphones so you can hear that classic sound all on your own. There is nothing quite like the sound of an original recording from the days of vinyl, with the scratching and hissing along with the music. Now you can raid that old collection of records sitting in your attic for the last 50 years.

6. Smart Watch

When you think of a smartwatch, you probably picture the Apple version. Apple is among the leaders in wearable tech, but it isn’t the only player. Many companies are adding a wrist-mounted device that links to your phone and has many features.

You do need to have a phone in your pocket for the watch to connect via bluetooth, but then you hand off the smartphone. Many of the capabilities that your phone has is operational on your smartwatch like:

  • Calendar
  • Maps
  • Social media notifications
  • Phone
  • Monitor heart rate, blood pressure, temperature
  • Tell time (of course)
  • Fitness tracker
  • Messaging

All it takes is using the watch’s app to sync up with your phone, and you are good to go.

Dean is a self-professed tech geek with a fondness for computers, video games, and any novelty tech-savvy gadgets.