7 Cool Ideas for Tech Gift Baskets


Handing out presents to those you hold dear is something that remains timeless. It demonstrates that you are thinking about the individual on a personal, sentimental level. Furthermore, you have a wide assortment of gift ideas, from simple gifts to more comprehensive ones.

If you have trouble deciding what to give someone, go with a gift basket. These presents strike the right balance between simplicity and general sentimentality. For those in your life who love tech, why not use that as the basis for your basket?

Here are the seven best ideas for tech gift baskets:

Idea #1: Phone Accessories

Nowadays, it would be challenging to find anyone who doesn’t use a smartphone. This piece of tech has become intertwined with our daily lives in a rapid fashion. No matter what model you carry, your phone can always benefit from a few extra items. Headphones are one accessory that can immediately benefit the gift basket recipient.

Another awesome yet practical accessory to think about adding is a charger. These can come in a wired format or a wireless variant if the user wants fewer, complex devices. You can also look for other phone items that benefit their phone usage. Their practicality adds up, especially in the long run!

Idea #2: Cables

A key component of our smartphones, as well as any other piece of tech, has to do with cables. Even though many versions of these cords are obsolete, the ones that remain play an important role. For example, many tech users love having an additional USB-C cable.

The USB-C cable can support many devices due to its almost universal application. For those fans of Apple, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of Lightning cables ready to be used. These items not only have a pragmatic usage, but they can be lifesavers in certain circumstances. They don’t take up too much room in the gift baskets Toronto, either.

Idea #3: Temperature Controls

Many of us love having a cup of Joe in the morning to get the day started right. One of the drawbacks of this is that the beverage may go cold by the time you get to your desk. Instead of having to bring the drink back to the microwave, a temperature controlling-device may be warranted.

A great example of this can be seen through temperature control mugs, which are controlled by smart tech. The coaster that the mug comes with, alongside the mug itself, can regulate your beverage’s temperature. You no longer have to worry about your drink going cold after a few minutes!

Idea #4: Portable Speaker

Music makes the world go round, no matter what form we consume. For the tech lover in all of us, we may decide to play our go-to tunes on a portable speaker. This type of speaker may be ideal if you are having trouble adding to your gift basket. Plus, you have various speakers to choose from.

It depends on what portable speaker will fit the gift recipient’s needs. Many may prefer one based on factors such as size versus quality. Thankfully, many portable speakers offer the best of both worlds, regardless of your route. Look at your local electronics store to get a bead on what would be best.

Idea #5: Power Bank

Similar to having a couple of cords around, you’ll also want to think about getting a power bank. As the name implies, power is the name of the game here. These small devices come with multiple input components, allowing you to charge many tech types. Furthermore, they may also act as a backup battery for smartphones.

Idea #6: Cardholder

Even though many payment options have gone wireless, they have not become universal. Many still use our cards to pay for our items and tech products. Therefore, many cardholders can house your payment options in a sleek, minimal fashion. Choose one that comes in aluminum material to truly transform your wallet into something new.

Idea #7: Customized Case

If you do not want your gift basket to be as monotone as possible, it always helps to personalize it. Take your usual phone case, for example, in various colours or designs. A customized case can showcase a person’s personality as well through the use of graphics.

You want your gift basket ideas to stand apart from the competition. Cases can also come in different materials to account for a recipient’s needs. Think outside the box in this regard!

Dean is a self-professed tech geek with a fondness for computers, video games, and any novelty tech-savvy gadgets.