7 Smart Ways to Use a Driveway Alarm Sensor


The main aim of installing a driveway alarm sensor is to detect when someone or a vehicle is entering or leaving your driveway. However, this is not the only reason you should install a driveway alarm sensor. The sensor detects any movement of an object or person that passes by the driveway. It does this by sending a signal to an indoor receiver that sets off an alarm in the form of a flashing light, chime, or beep.

Driveway alarm sensors come in two types: wireless hard hardwired. The wireless sensors are the easiest to install; some are powered by solar, which means you don’t have to fret about changing batteries.

Infrared motion detector alarm and break beam sensors are ideal for detecting people’s, animals’ and vehicles’ movements. To only detect vehicle movements, a metal sensor alarm is highly recommended. The metal alarm sensor detects large metallic objects such as a vehicle.

Below are some of the smart ways you can use a driveway alarm sensor:

1. Enhance Security

This is the most prevalent use of driveway alarm sensors. Should an intruder enter your property on foot or in a vehicle, the driveway alarm sensor will immediately alert you that you have an uninvited guest on your compound. Having a driveway alarm system is, therefore, an important security feature for your home or business.

2. Protect Children

While it is okay for the children to play in the driveway, you don’t want them to venture into the street. If you are concerned that this could happen, install a driveway alarm sensor to alert you any time your kids venture away from the driveway and into the street.

3. Teen Driver Alarm

Instead of staying awake at night waiting for your teenage child to drive in, why not install a driveway alarm sensor? This way, the alarm will chime the moment your teenage driver pulls into the driveway.

4. Keep Your Vehicles Safe

Cars, trailers, boats, and other vehicles parked outside are easy prey for intruders. If you have a driveway alarm sensor installed, it will go off the moment someone gets near to your vehicle.

5. Alerts You about Guests or Delivery Arrivals

A driveway motion sensor alerts you that your guests have arrived. You can then walk to the front door to receive them. Also, if you are expecting a delivery, a driveway alarm sensor will notify you that your delivery has arrived. This is especially useful for those who tend to get apprehensive while waiting for guests or deliveries.

6. Monitor Customers

If using the sensor at your business, when customers arrive at your premises, it is important that you receive them promptly and courteously. A driveway alarm sensor will alert you immediately such customers pull into your driveway. You can have one installed at the front or back of your office building, or at the parking lot.

7. Provide Building Surveillance

If you have a building located in a remote place, a driveway alarm sensor can monitor your driveway for both visitors and intruders. You can also use them to monitor large warehouses, greenhouses and expansive properties. The alarm sensors could be set up in a way that they send an alert to security guards on patrol through a portable receiver.

Driveway alarm sensors are both easy and affordable to install. You can choose the appropriate alarm sensor based on whatever you want to monitor. If your main concern is to keep animals and/ or human off your compound, a break beam sensor or an infrared motion detector is the most ideal. For alerts on vehicles entering and leaving your compound, probes or metal alarm sensors are perfect.

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