7 Steps to Implement Field Management Software


You have decided to get a field management software to streamline your different processes. However, you are not too sure how your employees will react to that important change. Will they like it? Will they find the software easy to use?

If you want this change to be as positive as possible for everyone involved, you need to make sure you are implementing it the right way. Here is how you can do it.

1. Discuss your decision with your team

Before you go ahead and purchase field management software, you should take a moment to talk with your employees.

Tell them about your decision to implement a field management software, and ask them if they have any questions, comments or concerns. They will be using this software, so they might as well be a part of the project from the start.

2. Explain the benefits of the software to everyone

Your employees might not care that you think your field management software will help you increase your profits. Of course, they want the business to be profitable, but this probably won’t be enough to convince them the new software is a brilliant idea.

Explain them the benefits the software will bring for them, and they should instantly be more interested. If they see some value for them, implementing the software will be much easier.

3. Offer some training to your employees

Don’t assume that everyone will understand the new field management software as quickly as you did. Maybe some of your employees will struggle with it, and you don’t want them to hate the software as a result.

Offer them some training so they can know how to make the most of the software, and be available to answer their questions and to give them some helpful tips.

4. Don’t forget to document your processes

You want to implement a field management software because you think it will help improve at least some of your processes. Why not document the improvements?

Take some notes to describe your processes before you got your new software, and record how these processes improve over time. Seeing that the software really makes a difference will help motivate everyone.

5. Ask for your employees’ feedback

After they have been trying out the new software for a least a few days, ask your employees for their feedback. Ask them what they think of the software, if they think it will add value to their jobs, and if they have any questions or any problems.

Paying attention to employee feedback is important if you want everyone to be as satisfied as possible, and if you want the software to truly improve your processes.

6. Contact your software provider if you have any issue

If your employees reported some problems with the software, or if they are not able to use some of its features, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your software provider.

They should be able to help you resolve your problems, and they should also be able to give you some advice so your team can make the most of each feature of your field management software.

7. Be patient

Finally, keep in mind that change can take some time. If things don’t work out on the first try, don’t give up, and be patient.

If you can make it clear for your employees that the new software will make their jobs easier, and if you listen to their comments and answer their questions, there will come a time where everyone will be comfortable using your new field management software.

Dean is a self-professed tech geek with a fondness for computers, video games, and any novelty tech-savvy gadgets.