How to Extend Vape Battery Life for a Long Time


The traditional days of smoking a cigarette or cigar remain at an all-time high. However, competition in virtually every sector is bound to rise. In our current society, many habitual smokers are seeking out alternatives. One of the most popular ways of engaging with the activity is to vape.

Vaping devices, and their adjacent instruments, allow for an easier means of smoking. Once the power button is activated, the user can rest assured that they will experience a great hit. Powered by a battery at the end of the day, users will have to preserve the device as much as possible.

Here are some tips on how to extend vape battery life:

Turn off the vape.

Like most electronic devices, vaping instruments need to be turned off when not in use. Even if you leave it on for minutes, the battery life will deplete. Over time, this can compound how well the device fares.

When not using your device, simply press the power button to turn it off. By making this simple motion, you will save a good amount of charge in the battery. Plus, you will not have to recharge it every so often, which can get in the way of your vaping experience. It is the simplest solutions that have the most effect!

Charge the vape battery.

On the flip side, vape users should be a way of how often they charge the battery in their device. That is because there could be a negative, hampering effect if charged more than what is needed. Overcharging is a huge issue with many electronic devices, and the same sentiment applies to your vaping instrument.

Since most batteries have a limited capacity, it is important to only charge them when they are low. If you charge it while it is still ready for a day’s use, you could potentially have more current running through it. Once the indicator shows that the charge is complete, take off the charger.

Some vape users don’t enjoy the hassle of charging every time. It can be annoying to grab your vape for a quick session, only to discover the device has run out of batteries. In these instances, you should keep a disposable vape or two in your possession. Disposable vapes are preferrable because you don’t have to worry about charging. Simply start vaping and dispose the device after use.

Store the vape.

Many of us do not think that much about where we leave our devices once they are not in use. We simply leave them on our tables or desks until they are ready to be used for the next day. However, while this can be nifty for most devices, your vaping device should be kept in rooms with moderate temperatures.

Cold climates will hamper the battery significantly; you are discouraged from keeping them in these areas. Moreover, the cold will prevent your vaping instrument from charging effectively. Even though we cannot escape the cold forever, you can take the steps necessary to protect your battery!

Clean the vape battery.

The battery itself may become muddled with dirt and grime in some peculiar situations. If left unchecked for the long term, its status could deteriorate rapidly. Should you feel something wrong with your vaping device, look at the battery’s appearance. There could be bits of oil or dust entrapped around the battery itself.

Simply take a cloth, small brush or cotton swab, and wipe away all the lingering pieces of dirt present. Then use your dry cloth to clean up any remaining traces still present. Once it starts charging again, your vaping device should work as normal again. It’s the little things that add up, after all!

Charge the vape in storage.

Some vape users may not plan on using their devices regularly. It is quite common for some users to only vape once every blue moon. Thus, the device may be stored away for the long term until it is ready to be used. Before doing this, always make sure that the device is fully charged.

Unfortunately, the longer a device is stored away, the longer it takes to stay fully charged. The battery life will deplete, albeit slowly, until it is ready for charging again. To prevent this, always fully charge it before putting it away.

Keep extra vape batteries.

It never hurts to keep some extra batteries lying around in some cases. If you have done all possible to extend your battery’s lifespan, replace it with a newer one. Then, you can vape as you normally have in prior times.

Recycle old vape batteries.

Do not forget to recycle your old batteries if they are no longer of use at the moment. You will be benefitting the environment in more ways than one, without harming it. If they cannot be saved any longer, do not throw them in the trash. You will be doing much good while still experiencing a great vaping session!

Dean is a self-professed tech geek with a fondness for computers, video games, and any novelty tech-savvy gadgets.