How to Increase Shower Water Pressure in Bathroom


The various plumbing in your bathroom were created to make your life as easy as possible. Everything from your laundry machines to your sinks to even your showers is made to be used efficiently. Regarding the latter, your shower could be seen as one of the most important appliances in your home.

Unfortunately, just because the shower serves one purpose regularly does not mean it is invulnerable. Over time, you may find that your shower is dwindling in the pressure that is outputted. Do not let this be cause for concern just yet, as there are many fixes to possibly implement

Here is a guide on how to increase shower water pressure in the bathroom:

Step #1: Find out what’s wrong with the shower pressure.

Your appliances and utilities in your household can become problematic if they are not reviewed regularly. On the flip side, what works in your favour is that most issues can generally be internal. You may have some old pipes behind the appliance that have become obsolete. In this regard, all it takes is a quick replacement to fix this problem thoroughly.

For your shower’s water pressure, the pipe issue could be the main culprit to deal with. If it is not, there are many other tests to conduct. Whatever you choose first always helps to give every strategy a shot. Sometimes, the most direct solution is the most obvious one!

Step #2: Inspect the shower valve.

The water valve in your home could also prove to be the main issue if left unchecked. Homeowners who just moved into their property may overlook opening the valve completely. Or, recent renovations in the home could involve shutting the valve off without turning it back on afterwards.

It does not hurt to give this part of the home a second look to ensure it is good to go. Head on to your basement, and inspect the valve. Usually, there will be a lever of some kind, coloured red. Open the valve fully, and don’t forget to check the pressure. You will then establish if this has made a difference with the pressure in the shower.

Step #3: Ask a plumber to fix the shower water pressure.

There is only so much you can do when fixing the shower’s pressure. Once you have used every option, it is time to call in a professional. A plumber will be able to locate the true source of the issue and fix it rapidly. Then, in as little time as possible, your shower’s water pressure will have returned to the desired state!

Step #4: Fix the shower head.

As mentioned previously, the techniques you use here could be simple. So, you may want to turn your attention to the shower head inside your bathroom. Shower heads are notorious for becoming clogged over time. Blockages can be a nuisance if the head is not cleaned out consistently.

First and foremost, take the shower head out and take a look inside, as well as around the apparatus. Ensure that you clean it out very thoroughly so that all debris and sediments are cleaned out meticulously. As far as what tools to use here, all you need is a toothbrush. If the clogs are not strong, a solid scrubbing will do the job for you!

Step #5: Fix the water heater.

In some cases, the problem may reside with the water tank in your basement. Give it a thorough examination, and don’t forget to look at the water heater itself. You may need to drain and flush the heater out after clearing it of any debris or sediment inside. Once this has been cleared out, the pressure should return to normal.

Step #6: Fix various issues with the shower.

It also doesn’t hurt to give the hose a look like it is connected to the water line. Various clogs could be inside the line, hampering the desired water pressure. Eventually, this could become more challenging if the line itself is flexible.

Some water lines are not built in a fixed position, which could result in multiple bends being in place. If this turns out to be the main problem, fix the hose, and return it to a normal condition. If you have handheld showers, ensure that the hoses are not twisted!

Step #7: Fix the shower pump

If all else fails, and you have exhausted every option, other strategies could be used. One of the most effective ones involves installing a shower pump, which boosts the water pressure. It may cost a bit more, but the utility of a shower pump is undeniable in practice.

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