What Is the Future of Video Commerce?


These days, video creation has become a crucial factor in the success of any commerce marketing strategy. This is due to the multitude of benefits that the innovation boasts regarding such businesses. According to the trends, video commerce doesn’t seem to stop soon but will likely break barriers to a great future.

The future of video commerce appears promising thanks to numerous potential trends, some of which have already kicked off in the industry. Different business leaders and other specialists must work towards meeting the above incredible trends. With that, video commerce will substantially affect companies’ sales and longevity in the coming years.

Let’s explore the future of video commerce.

History of Video Commerce

Video commerce refers to marketing products and services through visual story-telling and demonstration directly to viewers and potential customers. The marketing strategy can be traced back to the early 1970s, during the rise of television technology across different continents. In the 1990s, video commerce became the new normal, becoming a major adaptation in different TV stations, and brands started to embrace specific channels from the rest.

Today, you will likely encounter many video commerce projects across nearly every social media platform. The main platforms that have embraced video commerce include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Video commerce is a long-lasting movement that keeps developing new wonders and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any soon.

Benefits of Video Commerce

Video commerce boasts plenty of benefits to businesses and customers. Firstly, businesses can be guaranteed a high engagement of their products after embracing their marketing strategies. Nearly 90% of consumers used video search for their preferred products and services.

In addition, video commerce can turn potential customers into actual ones after persuading them to purchase from a particular business or brand. Likewise, video commerce has become the best way to boost brand awareness and simultaneously tell your story to many customers. Customers will likely enjoy a more effortless shopping experience with video commerce than audio marketing.

Incorporation of AI in Shoppable Videos

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most moving technologies, with endless adoptions by several industries. The eCommerce industry cannot afford to be left behind, as it will likely follow suit as the years pass. One of the practical AI-developing that will likely occur from video commerce is the automated content generation by businesses and brands.

The development has already kicked out in some organizations, however, in insignificant numbers, where AI helps them search, analyze, edit, caption, and add other features to their video content at an affordable cost.

Live Video Shopping

Live video commerce is another trend that has already spread its roots in e-commerce. It refers to business owners or influencers undertaking live video broadcasts to present their products to consumers and sell them in real-time.

Live video shopping, which combines the elements of online shopping, social interaction, and entertainment, has become popular in the past few years and is likely to grow further. Besides allowing customers to shop in real-time, live video shopping is one of the greatest forms of engaging customers occasionally.

More Platforms to Host Shoppable Videos

Currently, the number of platforms that can host different video content for business is relatively low. As years proceed, businesses are likely to enjoy a wide availability of such platforms, enhancing the rate of product engagement and reducing user costs.

For instance, businesses can reveal and share their video commerce content on social media. In addition, there are other professional platforms, allowing your brand to get recognized by consumers.

More Personalized Options

Since its emergence, video commerce has enhanced personalization for the business and customers. Experts predict that the field will likely invest better in machine learning algorithms and advanced data analytics to boost consumer personalization.

Such algorithms and analytics study the users’ shopping and search behaviour, providing the most relevant suggestions for the future. With high personalization, consumers and businesses will likely enjoy better conversion rates and shopping experiences.

Voice Search for Videos

While voice search technology has been prevalent across different industries for quite some time now, the level of adaptability is likely to increase with time. For instance, video commerce promises to embrace more voice search capabilities within its developments to boost the users’ experience and attract higher sales.

Some of the most likely voice-based trends in video commerce include the invention of activated voice technology to search for products, leveraging voice searches to offer more relevant suggestions to customers, and using one’s voice to purchase different products.

Additionally, video commerce will likely offer voice-oriented customer command and support services in the future, independently or alongside written ones.

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