How to Grow Your Dental Practice


Although most people claim to hate going to the dentist, they are among the most visited health professionals. This is because everyone wants a great-looking smile, and with the constant consumption of food ingredients that negatively affect your teeth, we need to have our teeth cleaned and repaired more often than not.

Dentistry is a great profession with lots of potential, but like most careers, there is competition. Once you finish your dental training and open up your practice, the next thing is to attract clients and build up your business.

Are there effective ways to make this happen? With the right strategies, you can increase both patients and revenue. This is how to grow your dental practice.

Embrace Digital Technology

We live in a digital age, and you must be as relevant as possible to attract new clients. This means embracing technology to market yourself and create a modern experience in your office.

Digital content is a great way to expand your business because it creates a dynamic impression on people through your website and social media. Video is relevant and a medium for promoting your brand and educating the public on procedures.

You can have this content on your business site and other platforms like YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. This will certainly increase your exposure and make you a dentist who embraces the current trends.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Business success is often gained through word of mouth, and people want to interact positively when visiting their dentist. If you can enhance their experience, they will enjoy their visit and help spread the word about how great your practice is.

Consider what happens when clients walk through the door. This starts with a professional but comfortable office and a friendly receptionist or assistant to greet them. These people are the face of your business because you are working away in the back, so make sure your office workers are kind and attentive, setting the tone for a great procedure. Clients will, in turn, give you a positive review and can potentially be your best marketing source.

For people calling in, make sure the phone is answered promptly with a friendly person on the line. They should have all the information needed to answer almost any question and be professional but kind. If there is a missed call, ensure they call back immediately so the person knows they are valued.

Assess Your Customer Retention

Often, a dental practice is focused on getting new clients and doesn’t give enough time to existing patients. It makes no sense to attract new clients if the ones that have visited before never return.

Take the time to analyze your retention rate to see if people are coming back. You may need to keep in better touch with your existing clients with reminder emails or mailers to get them to come back for regular visits and required procedures.

Assess any feedback you get and correct any issues or problems they may have to keep them happy and returning to your practice. Remember, you don’t gain any ground if you lose clients as fast as you gain them.

Dental Supplies

All dentists need the tools of their trade to perform their duties, and this is a relationship that you foster with suppliers. You may need to expand your services to grow, which means more equipment and supplies.

All of this, especially larger equipment, is an investment. You may not get the best prices and value for your business if you switch between suppliers and other supply options. While shopping around for the best deals is important, building a good relationship with the right dentistry suppliers is key to maintaining growth.

Be Prepared

Beyond having the necessary equipment and supplies and the right supplier to handle your growth, you must also have the infrastructure. This means getting a great team together to handle the increased volume.

You may also need to expand your business hours to handle the patient load and hire additional health professionals to scale properly.

Focus Your Advertising

While it is important to have a business that looks professional and well-established, you are usually serving your local community. This is your bread and butter, so you must target your office’s surrounding area.

You can pick targeted ads on social media to cater to your city or town, but avoid wasting money on national or regional campaigns. Digital marketing is effective, but use traditional methods like direct mail, local sponsorships, and billboards so your fellow neighbours know you are here to serve them.

This is how to grow your dental practice. You have worked hard to obtain your credentials and skill set, so combine that with these strategies and see how fast you expand. The result is a successful dental practice that is the talk of the town, and you will deserve the lifestyle it provides.

Dean is a self-professed tech geek with a fondness for computers, video games, and any novelty tech-savvy gadgets.